Lakeview Court

Each home has been individually, architect designed, tailored to meet the requirements of modern-day living whilst being built using traditional materials and local craftsmanship to ensure they uphold Galion’s vision of charm and character. With a primary mission to “avoid the mundane and embrace the unique”, the Galion team has ensured that each home is designed to fit and complement the environment.

The Look and Feel

The Galion commitment to attention to detail will be apparent throughout Lakeview Court and these homes will also benefit from the stunning community open spaces that the whole Lakeview development enjoy. A tranquil space of beauty for the whole community including our feathered and pollinating friends alike.

Plot Plan

Plot 1     3 bed semi-detached                tbc
Plot 2     2 bed semi-detached                tbc
Plot 3     3 bed detached                         tbc
Plot 4     3 bed semi-detached                tbc
Plot 5     2 bed semi-detached                tbc
Plot 6     3 bed semi-detached                tbc
Plot 7     2 bed semi-detached                tbc
Plot 8      3 bed detached with garage    tbc
Plot 9      3 bed detached with garage    tbc
Plot 10    3 bed detached with garage    tbc


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